Set Goals

No matter what you want to achieve you need to set a goal or two.

Goal setting is often thought to be a bit overwhelming but in reality we do it every day. When we drive to work our goal is to get there safely and on time, so we plan to leave on time, make sure we have enough fuel, follow the road rules (well most of us) and drive a course we know will get us there as planned.

This is goal setting and yes you are already an expert at doing it.

So here are some basic steps to help you out with setting your swimming goals.


Define what you want to achieve as a swimmer

Imagine what you want to achieve from swimming, ask yourself what am I swimming for?

Is it for fitness, increased social life, managing an injury, competition, to improve technique or all of these and more.

Write them down and be specific and realistic.

OK so how big are your goals? Do they need breaking down into some smaller steps?

This is when talking to members of Albany Masters or the coach can help. Sometime we tend to set goals for ourselves that are not too realistic, so getting an idea from others with experience can help you stay grounded and not set yourself up for failure.

Remember don’t be too general, e.g.  I want to swim fast this year - vs - I want to reduce my 50 freestyle time from 43 seconds to 38 seconds by September 2017

or I want to be able to swim 200 metres without stopping by June 2017.

Break it down and set the road posts

You know what it’s like, we drive to Perth and our first goal is Mt Barker, then Kojonup, Williams etc. Think of these as intermediate goals, your specific small goals are those little green 5km signs along the way.

So you have identified your destination, the big goal. What are your intermediate and small goals.

You see the drive is long but we keep focus by looking forward to the next small step and then the one after that.

Also if you haven’t already had a chat with others in the squad or your coach this is now to best time to go have that coffee.

Time matters

We know the trip to Perth is 4.5-5 hours and Arthur River is about halfway. Do you just love it knowing you’re past the half way point!

We want to know we are getting there and making good time so while there is no need to rush knowing each step is completed by a date will help you remain focused on your goals.

So write down the small steps and place them in order with a realistic date against them.

What can assist here is that you work back from your final end time to today and where you are starting from. Include all the things you will need to do to achieve your goal.

Start living your goals

DON’T GET LEGAL! Often people who do this then start thinking everything is written in stone and you must do it exactly when and where it is defined. This is a goal killer! The trick is to allow yourself to be human, things change and need adjustments along the way and that is OK. Just keep the goal in mind and make the adjustments to keep yourself on track.

If you can connect with a squad member or bring a friend you will also find on those days where motivation is low they can be the little voice you need to keep going, call them your accountability partner – helping you be accountable to your own goals.

Build in consistency until it is a habit or lifestyle. Most habits can be formed or broken within six weeks and you can also build new routine in your life in about the same time. So try to stick it out for six weeks and then another.

Then BAM! Your there!!

Good Luck