Our History

In 1986 Albany Masters club came in to existence. Initially as a swimming club, then turning to water polo, but returning to swimming under the name 'Albany Aardvarks', because someone at the time, supposedly, thought that training was 'ard vark' (believe that , if you will).

1987: Our club became a sister club of Inglewood AUSSI, participated in its first carnival and two of our members competed in the first State Swim.

1990: Some of our members took part in the first Masters Games.

1994: In that year, after a renaming competition, the club members agreed on the more suitable name of 'Albany AUSSI Masters Swimming Club Inc.' (AUSSI being 'Australian Union of Senior Swimmers International').

2010: In October of that year, the acronym AUSSI was dropped from the name of the national body, so consequently the name of our club changed and is now officially 'Masters Swimming Albany Inc.'